Business Jumpstart Programme

Does your business need a boost of life or is your business desperately in need of a way forward? Do you feel stuck and don't know how to move the business to the next level?


The Jumpstart programme consists of a workshop with 4 follow-up sessions with one of our Business Advisers.  At the workshop, business owners will learn concepts and strategies guaranteed to inject life back into their businesses. This is a very practical hands-on workshop developed to help identify common causes of stagnancy in businesses and how to address them in order to make progress.


Areas that will be covered include:-

cause and effect analysis.
industry analysis and market research.
strategic planning and managing change.
effective marketing.
management and staffing.


Business Ideation Workshop

The Business Ideation workshop is designed to equip individuals with the practical tools on how to identify their core capabilities and how to combine these with existing skills and experience to generate productive & sustainable business ideas.


The workshop will cover:-

identifying your capabilities and understanding opportunities.
sources of inspiration for business ideas.
establishing your goals and time frame.
choosing the right business idea.


The workshop is suitable for:-

those interested in starting a business but are not sure what type of business would be suitable for them.
those in employment who are looking at opportunities for a second income stream.

those out of work who would like to explore self employment opportunities.
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Growth Strategies
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