Business Consultancy:Our business consultancy focuses on business growth and success.  We know that brilliant ideas and opportunities are in abundance but the business knowledge and skills to execute and implement them are sometimes lacking.  Whether you are at the crucial stage of starting a business or the equally crucial stage of business growth, our business advice and support services provide insight into various processes such as clear product definition, sales and marketing, business brand identity, information systems, social media, business accounting and much more.


Support services include:-

support with business planning/business proposal.
commissioning and supervising branding (logo, website, business stationery).
business analysis, industry/sector research.
staff recruitment and selection, contract writing.
organising and delivering business workshops and seminars.
business-to-business referrals.
sourcing business premises or a virtual address.

Industry and sector Research: We have worked for clients across a wide range of markets and industry sectors. Our research expertise and techniques can be applied to any area of interest bringing incisive analysis and judgement to enable the client make a product or service decision.

Our research is thorough and with our experience in major industry sectors and subsectors we are able to provide valuable insight for our clients.  All of our services are competitively priced and we aim to build long term relationships - many of our clients have been with us since we started trading.

Business Analysis: Business Analysis is the strategic overview of a business with the aim of identifying required inputs and applying the right solutions to the business issues.  Solutions often require the development of various systems within the business to strengthen the core areas such as products, pricing, target market, human resources or strategic positioning.

Business analysis provides the foundation for almost every kind of business change. It is about understanding the real business and providing ways to make it sustainable and profitable.

From experience we have found that unnecessary overheads and lack of planning causes major challenges for many businesses; we have therefore developed various innovative ‘tips’ on how to better manage outgoings to avoid business failure.  We offer a ‘Jumpstart’ programme specifically designed for struggling businesses.

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