Business Growth Strategies: Constantly and critically analysing your business progress to identify business opportunities is essential to growing the business and will help you plan and implement a successful corporate growth strategy.   Preparing a business plan for growth, reviewing plans, setting targets and allocating resources are some of the areas we work on with businesses.  Finance options, diversification, new product development and measuring customer relationships are critical to your service delivery and growth strategy.

Effective Marketing:We are experiencing the demise of mass marketing and the successful management of relationships with customers is now the foundational cornerstone for any thriving business.


Our strategy for managing your business interactions with existing or prospective clients involves organisation, automation and synchronisation of the entire customer experience with your business.


Through our marketing support service, we will work with business owners to develop a marketing plan which accurately and adequately details the following elements:-

Is there a market for my product or service?
Target Market: customers and where they are located.
Marketing tools.
Marketing budget.
Marketing activities and action plan.

Business Mentorship:With our years of business experience and exposure, we offer a unique and personalised mentorship service.   This is a very rewarding way of passing on the benefits of our experience and contacts in various industries and sectors of the economy. Our business mentoring service is a relationship that aims to build trust, provide support, hand holding and be a listening ear for growing businesses. We are willing to act as your guide.


We will provide you with support, allow you to develop, stimulate and challenge your business ideas and concepts.  Mentoring can help strengthen both personal and entrepreneurial skills and can be invaluable in setting and achieving life and business goals.


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